Social Media Lifestyle


I have fallen victim to thinking my life should be a stylized influencer instagram. I consume hours and hours of social media content. I am the targeted audience. I want to be one of the beautiful people with the perfect brunch lives. I want to be sent dazzling products to review and preface my posts with “#ad”, but sadly I am just a regular schmuck that works full time. My life is far from glamorous or instagram-worthy, but that doesn’t mean that my life doesn’t have value. I am married to a wonderful man, I have a loving and supportive immediate family, a few close friends, and of course a small gang of dogs. My house is constantly in a state of emergency, the laundry is backed up, there is typically always a dish in the sink, and the dog toys are everywhere. I’m tired. I work nightshift and have done so since I graduated college in 2013. I’m tired. I also struggle with anxiety and depression, so that fabulous instagram/youtube life that I so badly want is even farther from my grasp. I keep thinking “if only..”, if only I had a new camera I could take YouTube by storm, if only I had my house perfectly organized I could set up perfect stylized photos for insta, if only I did my make-up and hair everyday I would get to be one of “them”.

I don’t always do my make-up even though I have a burning passion for it because I’m tired most days. I don’t do much of the things because I’m living a full and exhausting life full of work and stress that leaves me barely meeting basic needs somedays. How do I recover from this instagram sickness? How do I meet myself in the middle and improve my life in the areas I want without the expectation of it being social media fabulous?

I’m going to work harder at organizing my house and living environment because it’s something I really want to do, but I will also work on losing the expectation I put on myself to be Mrs. Hinch perfect. I’m going to work on self care more and try to do things that make me feel good (make up, fashion) without thinking I have to live up to the “plus size influencers”. I’m going to work on my personal health but not feel that I have to be sucked into the “before and after” culture for my efforts to be worthy. I simply want to live a good and happy life and I can definitely help myself along the way.


(Photo: low quality snapchat save of my constant state of “tired” but featuring a cute dog)

Memorial Day Plus Size OOTD


This Memorial Day it was sunny and hot so I decided to do something I have never done in the past! I wore a outfit that allowed me to stay cool and one I thought was cute.

Dress: Target

Shirt: Torrid

Shoes: Birkenstock

My Husband captured a photo of me grilling and initially I vetoed the photo because it highlights a lot of things I dislike about myself. I feel like at 31 years old I need to let go of the thought process of needing to be flattering. I posted this upcoming photo to my Instagram and felt okay with it!

Live authentically.

Love yourself just as your are, you are not the “before” you.

Burgundy and Green OOTD


All items expect bag and accessories are from Torrid. My bag is a Kate Spade purchased from TJMaxx and my watch is Michael Kors. The booties featured in this post are some of my favorites because of the beautiful jeweled accents. I am a fan of the lace neckline detailing and the flowing wispy fabric of the cover cup. This outfit is a good winter to spring transition even though on this day I should of worn a coat.

Welcoming Home the Dachshunds


I would love to introduce our newest family members; Lola & Winnie!

Winnie playing with her duck

Lola having a chew on her teether

These two came into our lives after we had to say goodbye to our beloved Trinity. Trinity was the light of my life and my constant source of comfort and love. Trinity would have been 14-years-old this coming September. My life isn’t complete without a dachshund (or two) in it. I got my first pair of dachshunds my senior year of high school (2005). Chloe and Trinity were litter mates and now we have another pair of litter mates in Lola and Winnie. Lola and Winnie are currently 9-weeks-old and are working on learning their names and potty training (how can little puppies pee so much??). I also have a 3-year-old Pomchi named Cooper but he will get a post of his own shortly. I hope you enjoy these cute videos of our girls!


Navy & White OOTD



I believe on this day I was heading out shopping with my Husband and family for Thanksgiving dinner supplies.

  • Coat: Old Navy Trench (2015, not currently available)
  • Scarf: Fox Print Scarf from Amazon (link)
  • Jeggings: Torrid dark wash jeggings (link)
  • Sweater: Old Navy polka dot sweater (not currently on site)
  • Boots: Torrid Strappy Mixed Media Ankle Booties (link)
  • Sunglasses: Quay Australia x Desi Perkins High Key 60mm Aviators (link)
  • Bag: Coach bag found at TJMaxx

I have loved my trench coat from the moment it was in my hands. I am currently on the hunt for another trench coat with a slightly better fit; I am tall and the sleeves on this one aren’t 100% a good fit. The material of this trench is thick and substantial and has worn well in the three years I’ve had it. Amazon has become my haven for scarfs because they are priced cheaply and yet of standard quality. I have several other scarfs like my fox one and adore them all. Torrid is where I go for jeans/jeggings because they offer my size and inseam needs; these jeggings are probably 2-3 years old and have held their shape and structure even after repeated washings. My only complaint for this look is that I wish my sweater was just a couple inches longer but it is a well made and finished basic sweater that will get love during the fall months. Probably my FAVORITE piece in my wardrobe are my booties; I wear these the most of any shoes I own. These booties are not only stylish but well constructed and comfortable.