Life Update

I started this blog because I wanted to “do something”. I often feel like I am unable to express my creative side and that I lost a large part of who I am when I went to nursing school and am now trying to reclaim that. So I paid the money and created this little space on the internet for myself but yet I haven’t even begun to fully utilize it. In five weeks I will completed my BSN and take a break from school for a while. I am a night shift RN and I feel it has become such a large part of my life as well as a stressful part that I just want to focus on the Hannah that is separate from that.

I am a person who LOVES making lists and planning how I am going to get my life in order but then I sit the list and plans aside and continue on with business as usual. I want to do more with my “free” time and I somehow what this blog to be apart of that. I think as of now I will use this blog as a personal space. Social media has been tricky for me to navigate since the election and work really love a place to just exist without constantly worrying that another family member is going to “unfriend” me for my beliefs.

I am on journey for health. I am a part of the body positive and fat positive world and believe that all bodies are good bodies. I however have health issues that would be better controlled if I ate a certain way and amount and moved my body more. I basically just want to start taking care of my whole self; body, mind, and spirit. I am also going to be starting a fertility journey with my husband as I have struggled to stay pregnant and now to get pregnant.

So this blog will include;

personal updates (fertility included), pet photos, clothing and beauty reviews, checking off my endless lists, goals,  health and fitness (ha ha ha), and recipes (I love, love, love to bake and cook).

I sit and spend a lot of time watching people live their lives all while wishing I could do what they do and frankly I’m fed up with being the bystander in life. Like¬†Arthur Abbott pointed out in The Holiday I am finally going to be the leading lady in my own life.